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May 30, 2013

Client requirement: “A system that helps separate business divisions provide an excellent and consistent service to its customers”

The main priority was to create an integrated system for both 1st Choice Glazing and 1st Choice Kitchens and Bathrooms that would enable real-time reporting for the business as a whole whilst providing detailed tracking of every order for each brand.

System access, data visibility and branding are all tailored to the user, so each person can see only what they need to see. This helps keep the user interface clean and uncluttered – improving usability and productivity. Each user has a clear view of all jobs assigned to them, and any that require completing are highlighted – improving workflow and consistency of service.

All associated documentation is saved in the system and linked to the customer and order. To ensure correct and comprehensive filing, users are prompted with visuals reminding them what kind of file they need to upload. Printed documentation is also generated by the system and tailored to incorporate the branding of the business unit from which it was sent.



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