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May 29, 2013

Client requirement: “A system which allows their clients to create
new applications”

Asset Overseas Property works closely with a wide range of industry experts in pensions, investments and savings to provide their customers with access to a range of products and services. It was important for their system to be designed enabling these experts to input data and upload documents. An existing Go Software customer who had already seen the great results that could be achieved by a fully integrated system recommended Go Software to them.

Go Software worked with the business to deliver a system that managed the end-to-end sales process allowing different users to move the process on to the next stage. As well as having user-friendly interfaces it ensured information was secure and only provided to those with authorisation. Document storage allowed users to instantly see documents that they would normally have to wait to arrive in the post therefore speeding up the process. The system also provided them with all the information and reports they needed to see the full picture across all areas.



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