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May 30, 2013

Client Requirement: “Making it easier for its customers all over the
UK and Europe”

Europe’s leading poultry breeding business had two goals – make it easier for poultry producers to instantly see if their birds were in line with performance expectations without having to look up numerous booklets and enable Managers to be able to carry all the industry standards in their pocket when out and about meeting customers. Working closely with the Aviagen team Go Software built an app compatible with all mobile phones and tablets.

Go Software built an app that was easy and quick to use, with a simple and intuitive interface. It was also built with continuous improvement in mind allowing features to be easily updated and amended when required. The tool was initially launched in the UK and had a 100% take up with excellent feedback received from the business and customers alike. The UK success gave Aviagen the confidence to roll the app out to its customers in Europe.

The app won an award at the UK Pig and Poultry Marketing Awards. The judges commented that “this initiative showed excellent innovation and simple, effective, and well planned use of technology.”
Debra Malcolm, assistant marketing manager for Aviagen, accepted the award saying ” The app has been a real boost to our customers, providing a safe, easy-to-access tool that they can carry in their pocket.”

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